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Bright India Handicrafts is a well known Export Firm in the city of Moradabad which is famously known as Brass city of India. With time we proved ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturer , Supplier and Exporter of Genuine Water Buffalo Horn Products .

Our company mainly deals in Genuine Water Buffalo Horn Products (Indian Water Buffalo Horn, has a Scientific latin name "Bubalus Bubalis Domesticus") such as Plates for making optical frames, knives Scales, Slabs, Rolls, Knife Handles Scales, Buttons (Round), Button Blanks, 2 holes Toggles, Natural Buttons blanks and animal bone products in scales, Buttons, etc. With time we proved ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturer , Supplier and Exporter of Metal Handicrafts items .

We deal in Horn and Bone, Brass, Aluminium , Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel , Wooden and Marble Handicrafts .

We are backed by a team of professionals and a well established manufacturing division that enable us to provide a high quality range of products.

  • Our product categories are :Natural Horn and Bone, Home D├ęcor , Table Wares,Furniture and Home Accessories .
  • We are big Manufacturer and Exporter buffalo horn button, blank and bone button blank and toggles
  • Our products are marvellously designed by master artisan at committed time frame.
  • Each and every product reflects uniqueness, classic designs, fine detailing and hard work.
  • Due to these factors, we have widened our distribution across Europe , Middle east , North Africa, Australia, Newzealand, USA and South America
  • we continue to upgrade our quality standards and our commitment towards our customers .
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Who We are

We Are Bright India Handicrafts

We are a dynamic handicraft export firm specializing in the exquisite craftsmanship of brass, glass, and furniture. With a passion for preserving artisanal traditions, we bring the timeless beauty of these materials to the global stage. Our commitment to quality and authenticity sets us apart, ensuring that each piece we export is a work of art that tells a story. At the heart of our ethos is a dedication to empowering local artisans and sustaining traditional craftsmanship. We collaborate closely with skilled craftsmen to create unique, handcrafted pieces that blend innovation with tradition. With a global reach, we take pride in connecting cultures and bringing the elegance of brass, the transparency of glass, and the charm of furniture to homes and businesses worldwide. Discover the essence of craftsmanship with us."

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